It's midnight. Do you know where your plushie is?
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Last updated: 19th of July 2002

c'mon, git on with the updates already!

Latest addition/s:



18th - Added a new strip.
10th - Added some one-off strips to the comics section.
3rd - Finished the new main page.


28th - A note: please send all emails regarding Plushie Peril to the new addy, Thanks!
Added pic in the Plushiecam section.
15th - New PP strip up


19th - My first attempt at wallpaper is in the misc. section.
Put my cam pic in the Plushie Cam section :)
Added another webcomic link in the links section.


26th - New PP strip up :)
7th - Added Miscellaneous page.
Also put blogger link on page menu instead of just main page.


23rd - Added Chet pic to splash page and link to the Plushie Blogger on the main page.


21st - Second strip up, but a filler.^^;;
6th - Uploaded the new site, took down some old pages.
1st - Once again more revisions were made regarding organisation.
Artwork and Quotes page are not available, either is the webpoll.


22nd - First page of Plushie Peril up, nearly a whole year later after it was conceived. Sorries for being so slow guys ^^;;
1st - Took the website down for renovating and maintenance.


16th - Added mailing list facility
Also deleted some old stuff that I wasn't going to use to save on space ^^;;
Removed guest section temporarily from the cast page.
8th - Changed site's look *slightly* :)
Added Plushiecam page



10th - Added a page of a on-off story from Plushie Peril in the comic page.


3rd - Raph Plushie pic in the images section! ;)


27th - Added sketched pencilled cover of "Return to San D" issue in the images section.


27th - Added new Plushie Peril banner in the link to us section.
21st - Added GreenWillows pic to the cast page.
14th - Added Dana's, Dave b2's and Kevin Eastman's pics in the cast page.
5th - Oh my! I forgot to add the story page! It's up now.
With HT's approval I've put up a new pic of her in the cast page :)
4th - New sneak peek page from the "Sacred SanD" issue! Check out the comics section.
2nd - New title image.
New link to us! page with Plushie Peril banners available.


29th - Added Bee-Chan's, Mandy's, Mica's and Amanda's pic to their profile.
Added HorseTurtle's and Dawn's pics to the cast page.
Added some guest names in cast page.
28th - Added new links in links page.
Added comic page and links to the menu though no art up yet ;p
24th - Added plushie pic in images page.
23rd - Added new quotes page.
21st - Added cast page.
Added Amanda profile page.
Added Bee-Chan profile page.
Added Mandy profile page.
Added Mica profile page.
17th - Changed page look and colors.
16th - New art in the images section.
15th - 2 new art pics in the images section.
14th - Website created.

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