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Amanda is the second youngest of the main cast members. She took all of her things in Australia and moved to the US with her friend Bee-Chan to move in with Mica and Mandy. Amanda's favourite Turtle is Raph, and the two are so simular that it's scary.

"I don't see why grievious bodily harm to people who piss me off is such a big deal you know?"

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Bee-Chan, a nickname short for Belinda, is the oldest. Her favourite Turtle is Leo and it shows. Being the leader mightn't be as easy as it seems, as Bee finds out. And she finds new respect for her favourite Turtle. Bee-Chan studies Ninjustsu, something she started in her home of Sydney. Now that she's found a new dojo downtown, she thinks that maybe a little self defence and discipline for the other three mightn't be a bad idea.

"I swear there is something seriously, seriously wrong with you."

Mandy Rae JMandy Rae J

Mandy, not to be confused with Amanda, is the youngest and most shy of the the four girls, so it's not surprising that her plushie is Donatello. A knack for video games and fixing electronics, Amanda thinks she's mutating into a human, female Donatello. All jokes aside, it's probably Amanda's constant defeat in Playstation games that makes Mandy someone you don't want to turn your back on, in Tekken that is...

"I collect thimbles you know. World domination is just a side project."


Mica is perhaps the most exhuberant of the group. Hyperactive and ready for laughs, her much cherished Michaelangelo plushie is the first to show wear and tear. And her taste in food can be summed down to two words. Peep - Pizza.

"Remember, sugar is our friend."


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