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     It's midnight. Do you know where your plushie is?

Friday, September 06, 2002

Yay I finally figured out this blogger ftping thing w00t! Okay this is gonna be like the main page for the comic.

I had started finishing up the fifth strip but had gone off on a boredom tangent and did this in spirit of #5 of the new TMNT comic out now.

Gargoyles is on tonight (w00t! An ep I haven't taped yet!) so I'll take the opportunity to try and draw while watching that.

Speaking of which, I've started a tmnt/gargoyles fic but in a graphical form. Here's a test page that I did.

Well I'm still waiting to update my tmt site, so I guess I'll be able to concentrate on PP for a little while.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I'm currently cleaning up the next strip but as fate would have it, my pencil eraser decides to run out and I can't work any more on the drawing until tomorrow! *pout* And I was in such a drawing mood too. The worst thing is I know I have a spare one around but I cannot find it anywhere!

Anyway, as you may of noticed I changed the Plushie blogger a bit. More additions to come though. I'm still working on some updates for my TMNT site. They'll be up by early September I'm hoping. I was hoping to shake this headache I've had all day but no luck :( Today online has been dead quiet, no-one even on AIM. Maybe they're hiding from me? Eh, I guess they can't help having lives...*mumblegrumble*

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Monday, August 19, 2002


As you can see a new strip is up (yes RandomDudeGuy has resorted to using the tazer to get me into drawing) I'm working on the next strip currently and hopefully have it up and running by next month. I'm gonna change the organisation of the site again. (Well the main page anyway) so it's easier to looks for updates and such. Even rants from some of the cast and crew of PP (sounds like we know what we're doing doesn't it? ^^) Anyway, until then, I gotta keep my TMNT site up to date. It's hard managing two sites 0.0;; But I'll just have to juggle them for a while until I get some time off.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Poor RandomDudeGuy....

He called me up the other day to tell me he couldn't make it to class. He sounded weird so I asked him what was wrong, he was sick, so sick in fact I had been told by someone else at the campus who called him up asking about some rpg stuff that he wasn't even on the computer. I saw him today though. He told me, "I haven't been online for 2 days, that counts as being legally dead." lol. I'm re-working the next strip with him, the one after that is basically finished so keep checking at the site for updates :)


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Tuesday, June 25, 2002

As promised a new strip is up and I'm working on the next one. I posted an update alert on the PP mailing list and on the NTML list even though I usually won't from now on. Anyway I'm working on resizing the latest strip because I only view stuff at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768, but ppl viewing the latest strip in 800 x 600 will have to horizontal scroll and I know how annoying that is for me. So I'm gonna post the new resized strip today so it's easier for ppl.

Other than that I'm pretty happy on the help I'm getting for the series, I think that bouncing off ideas and situations with other ppl is great. (mostly cos ppl don't usually get my sense of humour ;p) And hopefully I'll get another strip done by this week.

Oh btw the cool Megatokyo webcomic is updated, rejoice ppl! w00 h00!

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